the day i met justin bieber.

ok so the 28th of february 2013 - aka the best day of life.

i was waiting along with some other people in a line for about 4 hours, waiting to meet justin. we was given a goodiebag with loads of cool stuff in and an album which justin signed (it had his dna on it omfg) then we went into this room with a huge black curtain.. omg knowing justin was behind that curtain literally made me feel sick and shaky.

then we heard “ow that was my..” and omg it was justin, someone had stood on his foot or something and everyone screamed, hearing his voice was just asdfghjkl.

then dan kantar and kenny came out and we got pictures, then the que started to move and my heart was racing and omg i just couldn’t cope. then MY turn came….. i walked through the curtain.. and there stood the most perfect human being every created…. justin bieber standing…. in front of me…. his face is flawless, he is so beautiful and his eyes are even more sparkly in real life, they are AMAZING!

i asked justin for a hug and he gave me one omg, he held me.. i held him.. omg. anyways i showed him my believe tattoo and he rubbed his thumb arcoss it and said “that is awesome” ..nearly passed out ok.. then.. omg.. wait for it.. he WINKED AT ME!!!!!!!!! WINKED AT ME!!!!!! JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!

i was freaking out, literally a wreck. i cried because it was so amazing.

justin is the most perfect person. he is so gorgeous and beautiful in person.


justin omg

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